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This site is organized into the following areas.

Hiking - This area contains articles or essays on hiking. There are articles for begining hikers, backpackers, and helpful information for facing the most challenging aspects of hiking. Check the table of contents for a complete list.

Gear - The gear area of the web site contains suggested gear lists for different conditions including lists for going light weight, appraisals of different gear alternatives, reviews of commercially made gear, ideas and plans for how to make your own gear, and information about the various materials used to make hiking gear.

Stores - Here you can buy gear and other hiking related items and services online. Its great for getting just what you want when you want it, for shopping around to save money, and for when you can't find it locally. Purchasing your gear and services here helps support this web site. There are also links to gear manufacturers' web sites and other online sources for gear.

Trails - This part of the web site is designed to provide you with hike specific information such as ideas about where to go, weather forecasts, trail locations, and trail status. It is organized by area and includes a section on long distance trails. Use it to help plan your next hiking adventure.

Search - Looking for some specific information? This search will allow you to search the contents of all the publicly available WWW documents at this web site.

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