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Hike Software*
 - Mens & Womens
 - Sunglasses
 - Backpacks, Covers
 - Dry Bags, Stuff Sacks
 - Bivy Sacks & Tents
 - Bags & Pads

Hike Hardware*
 - First Aid, Soap, Bugs
 - Cookware , Knives
 - Stoves
 - Water Handling
 - Instruments
 - Lights, Tools

Other Gear
 - Hiking Poles
 - Extra Savings

Hiking Gear - CampSaver

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we no longer advertise for CampSaver.com, and are still in the process of converting some of our older links.

Organizing gear by categories makes it easier to plan and purchase.

* The Hiking Software & Hardware Gear System

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