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Bears - Probably the biggest large animal problem for hikers in the United States particularly in some of the National Parks.

Cougars - Rarely a problem for hikers they can become agressive under some circumstances.

Insects - Sometimes it is the smallest animals that provide the greatest challenge to a hiker's comfort.

Ants - Though usually not a problem they can be when there are a lot of them.

Chiggers - Those little critters that you don't see, but that make you ich when they bite.

Mosquitoes - The blood suckers found world-wide.

Scorpions - Desert insects that can inflict a very painful sting.

Spiders - Though generally not a problem there are some spiders you want to avoid.

Ticks - Sometimes the most difficult insects to avoid.

Snakes - Most snakes are harmless, but some are quite poisonous.

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